“We’re proud to be the exclusive company in Ohio to offer this Innovative Technology licensed by NASA”
Innovative Products

We’re proud to be the only company in Ohio that offers this industry leading technology designed and licensed by NASA, proven to be safe and effective! NASA engineers designed this technology in the mid 60’s and Clear Water Enviro Technologies licensed it from NASA in 1989. By using the Mineral Pure/Scale Blaster system (MODEL RC-50) with the addition of the Ozone Max you can totally eliminate the harsh chemicals that you typically have to expose your family to, not to mention all of the time and money that you must invest so you can swim in your pool! On most systems it isn’t uncommon for the system to stay on the same setting for the entire season, simply maintain your pH & alkalinity and enjoy!

We can even install this system on your existing pool no matter whether you have a chlorinated system or a salt water system. It’s safe for all pools and spas including fiberglass, concrete and vinyl liners and the great thing about the Model RC-50 is that it already has the Scale Blaster built into the unit. Even better yet, all of your old scale build up on your existing pipes and equipment will typically be removed within 90 days with the Scale Blaster. Your skin will thank you!

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